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Our first project made in Unreal Engine. Just a short test/demo of what we've made this semester.

Insurgery: Anatomic Warfare is a student made top down shooter that takes place in the human body.

Engage in the fast paced action as a doctor without borders (pun intended).

You will play as the Tiny Doctor, an ex-mercenary who lost his arm in combat, and now he wants revenge on the disease that crippled him.

All sorts of pesky bacteria and viruses are infesting a poor patient. Your mission is to cure the patient with an arsenal of prescription medicine.

Launching the game

  1. Unzip
  2. Launch TinyDoctorTest.exe


Walk - WASD
Aim - Mouse
Shoot - Left mouse button
Rifle - 1
Shotgun - 2
Pause menu - P

Development team

  • Hampus Hegre Brauten - Programmer and game design
  • Nils Petter Skålerud - Programmer and game design
  • Chris André Farstad - 3D artist
  • Kenneth Hauge - 3D artist
  • Marius Kvernmo Brunvoll - 3D artist
  • Erlend Stavdahl - 3D artist

Source code


Insurgery Packaged.zip 136 MB

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